Maurice Lacroix Chronograph with Style Elements of Grey Goose

[Press event] – two exclusive brands that focus on different product fields and are still surprisingly much in common: grey goose and Maurice Lacroix.

The parallels with the philosophy of entrepreneurial creativity led to a neat collaboration. The Swiss manufacturer and the French vodka label, together present a chronograph.

Of course the corporate identity of the two actors is reflected in the watch, whose limited number is very less than calculated.

Top Maurice Lacroix chronograph with style elements of Grey Goose

The basis of the limited edition is the Ponto S series by Maurice Lacroix. The diver chronograph stainless has a dimension of 43 mm and an engraving on the bottom.

A rugged, three-row stainless steel bracelet accentuates the distinctive character of Mr. accessory that is fitted with movement caliber ML 112 and self-winding. Also included is an anti allergenic NATO band, which proved especially when sports missions.

The blue-and white design of this equipment indicates clearly on the link to Grey Goose. But also the chronograph into the sporty elegance of Maurice Lacroix stylistic quotations.

The limited edition watch combines silver, black, blue and white and thus draws on the typical design of GREY GOOSE. On the sun dial and on the clasp of French vodka logo appears: the little goose. Of course the Maurice Lacroix fit discreetly into the distinctive character of these ornamental details chronograph.

Innovative, ambitious, conscious of tradition: GREY GOOSE Vodka

In 1997, GREY GOOSE made his debut with the first batches of clear liquor. The project to launch a vodka in the Cognac region, was both daring and ambitious. Courage and spirit of innovation were required in each case. But also a sense of tradition and love of the craft are essential factors of success by GREY GOOSE.

A tremendous amount of experience with the development of cognac and the production of premium spirits in plays in the production of vodka. Wouldn’t the French company chose the region la Beauce for the required wheat. That the cultivation of the crop in the hands is the vodka brand, is already a feature and emphasizes the understanding of quality.

The water in the Champagne region is cleaned by the limestone in a natural way and is therefore recommended for excellent spirit. Therefore, GREY GOOSE relies on this resource. In essence creates a vodka received numerous awards right after the debut. Now the brand is considered leader and is respected worldwide.

Maurice Lacroix – young luxury brand in the country of quality watches

The Swiss tradition concerning the manufacture of clocks, is highly valued by Maurice Lacroix. The luxury brand dispenses with the precision of a grown craftsmanship to date do not. Add State of the art technology and the quest join after innovations.

The Maurice Lacroix’s name appeared in the expenses of the jewelry stores for the first time in 1975. At that time the collections belonged to the brand of Saignelégier, which in turn was a part of the DESCO by Schulthess AG. Maurice Lacroix has been an independent company since 2001.

Meanwhile the chronograph caliber of the Pike on developed in the own factories are. The luxury brand watches are connected to the highest levels of quality, functionality, and sense of style according to legalarmist. Without a doubt, the chronograph is pieces of jewellery for men, which are classified in the top League.

The perfect blend of tradition and pioneering spirit – GREY GOOSE and Maurice Lacroix

With views of the competitors of the respective market segments, GREY GOOSE and Maurice Lacroix are quite young company. This thing is the exceptionally good reputation and global success not in the way.

A key element seems to be the perfect blend of traditional quality and visionary ideas. So, the cooperation of the two brands is more than plausible.

Chic, the bottom line in any case, and given the limited to 50 copies is very exclusive. As expected this detail is reflected in the unit price of the unique: an announcement is 3,900 euro for well-off men.