Gear S2 In Brazil: Learn Prices And Technical Data Of Samsung’s Clock

The Watch Gear S2 was announced by Samsung in technology fair Berlin (IFA 2015), in September this year – with the right tests conducted by TechTudo. With renewed design, now in circular format, the smartwatch clock has Brazil launch with prices starting from R$ 1,899. It’s time to find out if the wearable is really good and if it’s worth buying a Gear S2.

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See below for all the information about the device, to decide if it really is an option to buy at Christmas and on new year’s Eve festivities.

Specifications and design

To start, the Gear S2 offers a circular touch-sensitive screen with 1.2 inch and technology. AMOLED. Its resolution is 360 x 360 pixels (with pixel density of 302 ppi, for good readability). The user can connect Bluetooth and 3 g due to the and-Yes, a SIM Card that does not depend on digital chip. Are still 512 MB of available RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, to save apps and files.

The battery in the 3 g version is 300 mAh and Bluetooth, 250 mAh. The clock can be loaded into a wireless dock: just put the device on the base to start the procedure.To complete, are present sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, ambient light sensor, NFC and GPS.

The Gear S2 is water resistant and will be sold in three different sizes: 49.9 mm, 42.3 mm and 44 mm.

The body of the clock is built in stainless steel and enables you to customize the strap between the traditional and the leather. Finishes are available in grey, silver and black. The partnership with the designer Alessandro Mendini gave rise to custom bracelets and colorful, but no word yet on whether they will be available in Brazil.

Price and availability

The device was announced by Samsung brazilian on October 7, during an event in Sao Paulo. The Gear S2 simpler is priced at 1,899 R$. Already the Gear S2 Classic – with differentiated finishing, leather strap, Crown bite and 20 mm bracelet – it costs 2,099 R$.

Applications and functions

The Gear S2 comes with the application ‘s Health, that allows you to monitor the health and physical activity throughout the day. The app sends still motivating messages to keep your workouts. It allows you to measure calories, distance and time of physical activity, monitor the amount of water and caffeine intake, measure heart rate and select the type of exercise most suitable for you, including options such as walking, running and cycling.

The operating system is the Citizen, which resembles a lot to Android Wear. Usability enables the user to control functions using the Rotary watch Crown – a very different approach from that adopted by Apple to control the Apple Watch .

In addition, the Samsung Pay, that lets you use the NFC connection to make payments.The technology starts to find success abroad.

On top of that, the manufacturer has set up partnerships to offer more complete applications, starting with the Nike + Running, which helps monitor the training and the health of the user. There is also the Twitter Trends, which shows the Tweets and the Line, which allows you to view your personal messages on the clock. The Yelp offers a guide to find the best services and locations, such as restaurants, bars and shops.

The app of Volkswagen connects the gadget to the car remotely. The SmartThings allows you to monitor the operation of the home for users that have this kind of technology and can be used in conjunction with the Kevo, to control the locking of doors. The Alipay help in day to day functions, how to buy coffee and tickets and finally the Voxer lets you send voice messages, picture and text into a modern walkie talkie.

Last but not least, there is the integration with WhatsApp. The user can receive notifications of new messages directly on the screen of the watch and respond to voice commands. The Gear system S2 recognizes speech and converts it to text, before sending to the friend on Messenger.

The Gear S2 brought several new features compared to the previous model, the Gear’s.For start, the design was rounded up in the new version, while the previous one offered a square display and curved. Thus, the device resembles a traditional watch that fits on your wrist.

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The RAM and the internal storage remain the same, with 512 MB and 4 GB and the operating system remained the Citizen. However, the S2 implemented several changes of Gear usability and functions, with for example the Crown swivel for a simplified control. The apps also gained a plus with full options, fruit of partnerships, offering resources for all types of users.