Fossil Announces New Smartwatches and Fitnesstracker

The watch manufacturer fossil has announced no less than seven new Smartwatches and fitness Tracker. The focus should be mainly on the fashion and less futuristic. The new Smartwatches should start at 275 dollars.

New Smartwatches of fossil

Newly announced fossil has the Marshal Q and the Q hiking. Follow the first Smartwatch by fossil, the Q founder. In contrast to other Smartwatches, fossil of the design wants to here but the classical Act so that the clocks at first glance doesn’t show, that they are Smartwatches, but instead look like a wrist watch. You will be based on Android Wear and be available in two sizes, 44 and 46 mm. Should the price at from 275 dollars are (less than 250 euros).

Colorful Fitnesstracker

Who considers too much of a good Smartwatches like Huawei (see and would be satisfied instead with a pedometer, can opt for the new fitness tracker by fossil. They come in many colors and look like cylindrical. In contrast to many other fitness wristbands, no rechargeable battery is used – instead the button cell battery must be changed all half years. The price of this should be up 95 dollars (86 euros).

Mashable fossil has explained, that one has arrived in shaping the newly announced devices on customer feedback. Founder – the Q is meant by the first product – you quite a lot was learned and it, that fashion trends are still a major issue in the design.

When will come the new devices on the market, is still not known.