FIFINE W9: Fast Android Smartwatch with Leather-Strap

We want to imagine today a Smartwatch with the FIFINE W9, which was equipped with Android and as a result many features, if you appropriately equipped it with apps. It also has a leather bracelet and is currently on sale.

Fast processor and lots of memory

The FIFINE W9 was equipped with a MTK6572 processor from Mediatek. It offers two cores and runs on 1.0 GHz. He is 1 GB RAM to the page. The Flash memory 8 GB is great and can be doubled with a memory card. The screen has a 1.54-inch size and displays 240 × 240 pixels. The camera to be installed is interesting: sticking out to the side and can shoot images with a resolution of 5.0 MP.

Thanks to SIM slot, the Smartwatch can independently on the Internet. It is still intended that one connects them with an Android Smartphone and then as a second screen for your Smartphone uses. The Smartwatch can be accept or drop or retrieve messages including phone calls. FIFINE has installed on the device Android 4.4 – the clock can appropriate apps so any in their functions expand.

Cost: 107 euro

Being as a watch for extreme condition, the FIFINE W9 is quite reasonably priced for the services. At Gearbest is currently still once reduced offered and currently only about 107 euros. Because currently a big sales promotion will take place, where smartphones and Smartwatches clearly in the rate are reduced. Thus, Gearbest celebrates its second anniversary.