F69: Presale of Waterproof Smartwatch Started

Now, you can pre-order the F69 Smartwatch. She is specifically designed for water lovers, because it is waterproof to IP68 and can identify different swimming techniques and draw their conclusions.

Waterproof to IP68

The F69 Smartwatch is certified to IP68 and has been classified as waterproof. This is beneficial, because the Smartwatch especially to float is aimed. She can recognize four Schwimmstile: freestyle, breast, back and start. It can also measure the pulse in two different situations: firstly in sports and even in peace.

More fitness features

But the F69 can help not only in swimming to stay fit. Make sure various sensors were installed. Overhears a pedometer when you walk, the sleeping Monitor examines the nocturnal sleep and a further sensor recalls that we should stand up spread throughout the day and move, if you mainly sits or lies.

Information from your mobile phone

The F69 can be used also as a supplement for the smartphone. It is possible by vibration on a phone call, or an SMS remember to leave. Also, it can take up push notifications from Twitter, Facebook and other services and viewing. This all works with Android and iOS smartphones, the manufacturer gives but to bear in mind that the iOS app is not all features. Here you must forgo the memory of SMS and the swimming capabilities.

Bracelet, change you

The bracelet was designed so that it should be suitable for all sizes of arm. It is still easily interchangeable, so you can even customize the LED smartwatch.

Pre-order now

At the moment you can only pre-order the F69. The sale runs until March 19. In the online mail order Everbuying costs them 37,67 EUR.