Download Milestones: Vacheron Constantin

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The download shows the 22 most important clocks and works of Vacheron Constantin from the years 1755 to 2012. In the model history you can see how the watches of the manufactory have changed from the first pocket watch to over the centuries. You can also learn more about Vacheron Constantin and its role in the Watch industry–Download the article Now for FREE!

There are some things to tell about the watch brand, even from the time before the merger to the now known watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin in the year 1819: see the article the most important clocks and works of the manufactory. Chronos author Gisbert Brunner also makes it clear how Vacheron Constantin posed challenges and, for example, after the pocket watch time, also captured the wrists of numerous watch lovers. Get the free download here!

The article shows among other selected models of the Patrimony collection, such as the Patrimony traditional tourbillon 14 jours from the year 2012, which forms the end of the model history. Which Vacheron Constantin watches do you need to know? Chronos-author Gisbert L. Brunner shows it in the download and explains what watch connoisseurs need to know about it.

Download the article for free and immerse yourself in the world of Vacheron Constantin!

Content of the download milestones Vacheron Constantin:

  • Vacheron Constantin Brand chronology
  • Overview of the most important models and movements
  • Detailed information on all clocks and works shown

Download now for free and learn more about Vacheron Constantin!

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