CollegeHumor Explains The Main Difference between The Apple Watch Edition and a Rolex

Gradually we are going to know more and more details about the Apple Watch Edition, the collection of clock Apple made of 18-karat gold and a price of between 10,000 and 17,000 euros depending on the belt that accompany it. Now, CollegeHumor It reveals what the main difference of this luxurious model with respect to the more modest Apple Watch of steel and aluminum Apple Watch Sport.

“Apple Watch Gold is a truly revolutionary product, but its most innovative feature is that it allows you to communicate with a precision unmatched have $10,000”

Perfectly imitating the characteristic English accent of Jony Ive, the actor of the fake advertisement (extremely funny, by the way) certainly raises an interesting point. Tim Cook… well, you know, the actor’s hair white, topped it with another great truth: “what differentiates Apple Watch your current Rolex gold is that” everyone knows exactly how much slope”.

This image says it all, without however… heck! Apple Watch with bracelet links is nice visually. Nothing to do with the crappy render this.