Brazilian Bank Tests Smart Bracelet For Payments

We’ve talked about the payment of purchases with smartwatch clock, but while Samsung, Apple, Google and Swatch do not throw their digital payment systems in Brazil-the expectation is that Samsung is the first to debut in this market until the end of the year – a Brazilian Bank and a large network administrator of credit cards are testing a smart bracelet for payments equipped with NFC technology (Near Field Communication). The NFC allows payment by proxy, without the need for physical contact between devices.

Banco Bradesco and Visa payment solutions provider created a test program with 3000 participants, including athletes, journalists and ordinary users, and that will extend until June 2017, but that could be adopted immediately, since more than 80% of machines in operation in the country are compatible with the NFC. This bracelet is smart like a debit card and can be recharged by billet or through an application.

In the near future, other devices such as smartwatches and smart bracelets equipped with this technology could also be used by consumers, gaining agility in payment of purchases.What is a relief in large cities, where the queues dominate all major locations.

One of the goals of the tests with this new device is to check the adjustment of the consumer and of points of sale to the new system. A problem reported on the matter, published by the Valor Econômico newspaper, is the large membership of consumers by plastic cards, in addition to the lack of information from the owners of points of sale, that doesn’t have as much access to technology.

Remember that many companies already accept forms of payment alternatives, being possible to make a payment directly to the screen of the phone in some places-but still conventionally. A case that comes working out is the Starbucks, which entered a scanner in your box, allowing the client to accumulate advantages when payment is made through the application of the company.

What’s your opinion about a smart bracelet for payments? Does this fashion?