Bracelet Watches Collect: the Sense 103

A collector presents his clocks

As a former private pilot and professional frequent flyer, one inevitably deals with pilot clocks: I have always been impressed by well-readable and interestingly designed instruments. The sense 103 A SA is referred to as a design classic and is probably one of the best-selling instrumental chronographs of the Frankfurt watch brand sense.

My acquisition in the year 2010 does not have the Trikompax arrangement of the Model 103 classic, but white totalizers in the classic Valjoux arrangement 12-9-6, as well as most current models from the pilot watch line 103. The white totalizers fit in my opinion quite well as contrast to the black dial. The watch is very easy to read, also due to the double-mirrored sapphire crystal. This prevents reflections in the case of targeted light incidence and thus impaired legibility. Cockpit instruments are, incidentally, reflected in most cases. The sense 103 has a proven Valjoux 7750 with temperature blued screws and corresponding decorative cuts.

The accuracy of the work is very good, it takes approximately 3 seconds in 24 hours. That is absolutely justifiable. In addition, the 103 has not only a screwed crown, but also screwed pushers. Even if it seems sensible, it may be possible to argue about whether it restricts handling in everyday life. The chronograph has an adjustable bezel in both directions, which seems to me to be quite practical, for example not to exceed a time of the day. In addition, professional pilots can easily adjust the slot to which they must be at least “airborne”, i.e. in the air. Furthermore, the tag date display is very convenient. Thus, it partially replaces the permanent view of the diary. The stainless steel case comes from the company SUG and is polished. Overall, the watch makes a very solid and clean impression according to holidaysort; Also when looking through the famous watchmaker’s magnifying glass. In addition, the watch offers a very good value for money at a price of 1,190 euro in the year 2010. In short: I would buy this or a similar watch again at any time.

The model Sense 103 a SA is one of the classic instrumental time knives in mind. The Aviator chronograph is currently no longer available in this model variant in sense. 2015 there was a modern, limited edition of the Watch with a blue galvanized dial with a matching rotating bezel under the model designation 103 a SA B. The 500 limited version (sold out) was shown in a 41 mm stainless steel case and cost 1,990 euro.

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Continuously updated article, originally posted online in August 2012.

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