ASUS Zenwatch: Timelessly Beautiful Towards Tip

Bottom line: The ASUS ZenWatch scores especially with their high value in the test. The battery life is satisfactory, Android wear rearms the Asus with additional features. The price is also right.

ASUS ZenWatch:All hands on quality

ASUS sets of around 230 euro expensive ZenWatch focus mainly on the processing. The Smartwatch is extremely elegant, the materials used are stainless steel and Italian leather. ASUS sets accents with a pink-and-gold framing, which stretches around the casing in brushed stainless steel. Like us in the test also the standard bracelet with folding clasp. The height of the cap of 9.8 millimeters might disturb some users, can be changed with the help of third-party wristbands but. Remove the standard strap works quite simply, is to install other 22-millimeter tapes, however, cumbersome. There are 25 dials from the factory to the selection, about the ZenWatch Manager Android app even further customize the display. The ZenWatch receives an IP55 certification and can therefore also minor water attacks off – but in no event be waterproof or suitable for swimming.

The display of the ASUS ZenWatch in the test

ASUS bought the ZenWatch a 1.63 inch AMOLED display, which resolves with 320 x 320 pixels. Despite a good pixel density of 278 ppi, individual pixels at Hinsehen are visible. This is the Pentile subpixel matrix owed, but rather less mind in everyday life. The screen seems quite bright, but without brightness automatic. In strong sunlight, the display is still fully readable. The slightly curved screen protected by Gorilla glass from scratches.

ASUS ZenWatch:Good battery life

The battery capacity is 369 mAh. In comparison to the Sony Smartwatch 3 or LG G watch R It is so small, yet the ZenWatch the test creates almost 20:30 hours (clock receives an email every minute and turn on display and vibration). This is better than the Test winner or that Apple Watch, but R inferior to the G watch approximately two hours. A full charge takes 1:53 hours – that works over a charging cradle, we’d better a micro-USB connector or induction feature.
ASUS ZenWatch:Android wear with bonus features

The performance of ZenWatch is very fast, which is probably due to the quad-core processor. Android wear that ASUS has drilled with some features is used as an operating system:you will find on the Smartwatch seven preinstalled ASUS Watchfaces, the ASUS wellness Manager, the Jawbone UP fitness app and special features such as remote camera, find my phone, find watch or ZenWatch music – my latter is highly recommended to comfortably slide Flash memory music on the 4 GB. You use these functions with the free app “Asus ZenWatch Manager” from the Google play store. PadFone – ZenFone-user can insert and also presentation control and do it later.

ASUS ZenWatch:With wellness Manager

The wellness Manager who serves as a mini Health Center ZenWatch. A so-called bio sensor sits on the side of the display and does not only pulse, but according to ASUS it also the stress level of the body. The data logged into the eponymous Android app. A pedometer is also on board.

ASUS ZenWatch:Alternative

That is still slightly better in terms of haptic Apple Watch, but that doesn’t matter for Android users. Therefore, we recommend the LG G watch R, which looks like a classic watch with its round display Alternatively. Overall it looks around 210 euro Watch not as elegant as the ZenWatch, it runs the G watch R in the Battery test about two hours longer. The OLED display is very sharp and very bright, the rather inflexible standard bracelet of watch R G is to Exchange. The two Android wear watches are identical in terms of processor, RAM and Flash memory.