Apple Watch Tested Different Aquatic… and The Beats

One of the obsessions with Apple Watch since its launch in April have been different tests of strength. But that most are looking for the general public they are water resistance tests. We have seen the Watch Apple dipped in different liquids, we have seen owners take a shower or even swim with it.

The own Tim Cook assured us that the you shower with your Apple Watch every morning and not spent anything, although the “specifications” of Apple advised us not to do so. But Ray Maker, an American blogger has submitted Apple Watch to three tests that show us that it is more resistant to water to what the own Apple says.

First of all, and the more “light” is not immersed in a swimming pool, no more. Ray has been swimming for several minutes with their Apple Watch coming to perform “long” pool for the equivalent to 1200 linear metres. In the video we can see how the Smartwatch is not inmuta.

But do not comply with this, he then becomes evidence of impact on Apple Watch. From the Olympic trampoline We see how it is thrown from a height of five meters, twice… And ask for help from a friendly volunteer to jump from the highest trampoline.

And finally, immersion test… Although the specifications of Apple Watch advise not submerge beyond a metro, Ray, through a simulation of water pressure Chamber subject to your device to a pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 meters, Twice. And the clock works perfectly after removing it from the Bowl.

Although I have never been a ‘friend’ of bathe with watches, I think that you for all those who like water sports, Apple Watch will withstand a priori better than the own Apple thought. It is decision yours (if you have one) If you want to risk or not to do so.