Aiwatch C5: Smartwatch Reduces with Pulse Monitor Included

The Aiwatch C5 sports is, as the name suggests, a Smartwatch intended especially for athletes. Who wants to improve his fitness with her, has the best opportunity to do so now, because it is now reduced to almost half the price.

Aiwatch C5 mobile supplement

The Aiwatch C5’s is of course first and foremost a Smartwatch which is able to act as a supplement to the Smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.0, she can be coupled with a compatible Smartphone. From then on she can take calls drop off, look in the phone book, messages or remotely control the music. The whole thing is done on a 1.22 inches big, round touch screen. There is also a cog for the navigation.

Fitness features

The extensive fitness features show that the addition of “Sports” in the name is not only waste. The C5 is able to warn against too much UV radiation. It can also detect sleep and evaluate. Still, she can determine how far it went throughout the day. In addition, it can measure the pulse.

Currently in the price reduced

Those who are interested in the Aiwatch C5 LED watch, the currently has a particularly good opportunity to get one at Gearbest. Because the online mail order traders has reduced them in the price – regardless to 42%. The makes a price of just 62 dollars, what good 56 euro matches.