2 WatchOS: Apple Opens The Floodgates of Apple Watch

This time it was the turn of Kevin Lynch, who has been showing us the news related to Apple Watch along the submissions. As a user of this watch, it had special interest in seeing What was Apple in this keynote. And it seems that it is a real step forward for this device.

We already knew that third-party apps may be native at the end of this year, but watchOS 2 goes much further. Apple has focused on 6 key aspects to extend the functionalities of your new clock. First of all, since this version of the operating system we can customize areas of the clock going beyond what we could do now.

New features of watchOS

Developers can create own complications, small widgets that you can incorporate into the sphere of our Watch. The complications have become a great way of get relevant information without having to dive to search for a specific app. Lynch has shown how Volkswagen takes advantage of this possibility. Users can also place a photo and even an album as background of our areas.

2 watchOS will have a feature called Time Travel or travel in time. When we’re on the clock, it will allow us to look at what awaits us in the future by turning the digital Crown. In particular, we can see which events of the calendar come or what the prognosis of weather in a few hours.

In terms of communications, Apple Watch wins major improvements. Now we will be able reply to FaceTime calls audio since it, as well as responding to emails directly. In addition, you can add new contacts to the Favorites menu from the own Watch as well as choose different colors when using Digital Touch.

As for Siri, you will now be able to handle devices connected to HomeKit and begin our training. Third-party apps will also count when it comes to accumulate physical activity. Apple Pay will also have their upgrades and loyalty cards, as well as the change of name of Passbook to Wallet may be used. Maps can guide us through the public transport routes.

WatchOS news is well worth the change of digit of the version 1 to 2. Apple has confirmed that this update will arrive at the end of this year.